About Us

About Us

Empowering farmers through a hyper transparent, suistainable, circular block-(supply)chain.

We are Direct x Fair, based in Bonn Germany. Our mission is to provide on demand hyper transparency for each step of supply chain process.

We work directly with farmers and their co-operatives in order to make sure that they are getting more than fair share of the final price of the product.

We believe this approach would help us move towards sustainable farming, improving regional consumer engagement and restore ancient traditions, artisanal recipes & grains.

The supply chain is implemented digitally using Hyperledger, a blockchain based platform. The digitalization brings transparency to every member of the supply chain. The goods are checked, authorized and forwarded to the next step in the supply chain. The whole process is encrypted and by virtue of being a distributed system, the product can be tracked anytime and the information cannot be manipulated. More information on how this works is available here.

Our Projects

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Farmer First

Farmers and workers are most vulnerable part of the supply chain. Price speculations and pressure from big companies threaten their existence and force them to leave their homelands. Being part of the co-operative, it helps them get consistent prices every year and avoid losses.

We are devoted to protecting them by making them the most valued part of the supply chain. Our current aim is to keep this share at 50-60 percent for the farmer's co-operative and 20-30 percent for the Raw price paid to farmers.

Small farms and more trees around farms keeps check on suistainabile farming and let nature be itself.

BRUNO, Farmers Co-operative Director

We have always eaten organic food. We have done what we believe in in last 40 years.

Co-operative Organic Farmers

We need to shift from economy defined by extracting of resources and converting to money to a regenerative, circular economy where what we take from mother earth, we also give it back!

DR. VANDANA SHIVA, Navdanya Seedbank Founder, Scientist and Activist